Tea Parties

Our intimate and beautiful banqueting room
is ideal for your next tea party Authentic Danish tea party at Trøjborg.

Invite your guests to Trøjborg and experience together what a real Southern Jutland tea party looks and tastes like.

Set in our beautiful, old banqueting room at Trøjborg and decorated in accordance with Southern Jutland traditions, our tea parties are worth a try.

Experience a real

Southern Jutlandic tea party

Have your next tea party at Trøjborg and experience a genuine Southern Jutlandic tea party.

A traditional Southern Jutlandic tea party consists of a variety of soft, hard and dry cakes, including layer cakes and a type of pie sandwich, cookies, home baked butter

uns as well as coffee and tea. The tea party takes place in our beautiful banquet room. It is located in the main building of Trøjborg and has been the setting of many tea parties over the years.

We also offer standard tea parties which consist of home baked butter buns, two kinds of cookies and layer cake as well as coffee and tea. All cakes are home made in Trøjborg’s kitchen and are often served by Johanne herself. We also accept larger parties and it is possible to park busses and other vehicles in the farmyard.